Jesus Christ is the Same, Yesterday, Today and Forever  Hebrews 13:8

These are just a few of the many Testimonies that are happening in our City. The Word Testimony means for God to do it AGAIN. So as you read
these and if you are struggling with something like it. Just believe that God wants to heal you right now. There is nothing you can do to make Him
love you any less
. God still heals today it is his will for you to have no pain or sickness or disease, on earth as it is in Heaven.
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Brain aneurysm disappeared-5/17 A lady came up asking for immediate prayer her daughter started having problems with her head. She went in for a check
up only to find out that she had a Brain Aneurysm. It had gotten to be about the size of a golf ball. She and her family was told that she needed an immediate
operation to get her stuff and find someone to watch her daughter for she was going to be there for awhile. The mother started praying and believing for her
daughters life. The next day when she went in and they examined the Aneurysm it was no longer there not even a trace. The mother came and gave the
testimony on a Sunday morning with tears in her eyes that God has saved her daughter. Amen

Heart Pain left- 2/12/17 A person comes into the church with severe chest pain and was not planning on going to church that morning but felt like God told her
to. After being there for a few moments someone sees her in pain and asks her whats going on. She tells them about the Heart or Chest pain that she is feeling
and they pray around 40 minutes later when worship is almost finished she comes up to give the Testimony about how the pain is completely gone.

Lumps found in body disappeared- 2/12/17 Doctors discovered a few small lumps in this persons body after a checkup and had them scanned. The person
told her friends and they prayed that they would not be there. She went in a few weeks later to get a biopsy only for the doctors to tell her they are no longer

Walking Cane Retired- 2/12/17 This is an amazing story about a gentleman who had been living in the woods and used a Cane everyday to get around. He
also had serve arthritis and was in constant pain. The church took him in and started helping him to get out of the woods. After about a year he is now in his own
apartment and he told us this last Sunday he no longer is needing his cane (He has retired it) Praise God.

Business takes off after 4 years-1/2017 A business was started by a gentlemen around 4 years ago who felt like God had asked him to do it. He took steps of
faith in those 4 years but nothing seemed to go right. At the end of the 4 years when he was getting ready to give up on it he took one last step of faith and God
met him. The business is now flourishing.

Pain in both hands leaves- A lady was struggling with pain in both of her hands got prayer pain started going down then after service said it was completely

Multiple shoulders start to feel better- We had a prayer night and one of the prayer leaders felt like someone had shoulder pain. So they asked anyone with
shoulder pain to come forward and we would prayer for them. Well surprisingly 4 people came forward with shoulder pain and after prayer at least 3 felt relief
almost instantly.

Couple in need was given a House- A couple who had been living in Atlanta told us they had been looking for another area to live in because of all the gun
shots they were hearing  but after looking for some time and not finding anything in there price range, they were ready to give up. When All of a sudden they had
a gentleman call them back about a rental house in which he decided to let them stay there rent free for the first 2-3 months. He then also gave them a great
price on the house per month.

Burning Sensation in Mouth Gone- A lady came in to a wednesday night service with what she called a burning sensation in her mouth. After coming up for
prayer she told us that the burning sensation was completey gone

Girlfriend in ER turns around after prayer- Our Church was visiting the Local Hospital to pray for one of our friends who was staying there receiving medical
attention. As they were walking around they stopped in to visit the Chapel where they found a gentleman who was very concerned about his girlfriend her life was
in a critical state and the doctors said she might not live. So the team decided to pray with him. Shortly after they went to visit her and was told by the hospital that
she really starting improving a few moments ago. They knew that God had intervened.

Financial Breakthrough- Jan 20th A lady in the church gave a testimony about how she had had a serious car wreck a few months back and they totaled her
car which she did not want. Then how God had given her more money for her car than it was worth and she got an even better car, newer with more features
including heated seats lol. Well then the insurance company called her again saying they wanted to pay her more money for being out of work when she was only
out one day. So she told them and they still sent her a check in the mail for a large amount more than a few weeks.

Broken Finger Heard the Snap- Jan 6th A gentleman had injured his finger bowling around Christmas time. Then about a week later he was at his job lifting a
heavy piece of equipment when he heard his finger snap. He said he knew it was broke and the finger started to swell very quickly and was very painful. Instead
of going to the hospital he came to the Wednesday prayer meeting and a crowd of people surrounded and started praying. He said that immediately the pain
started to go and he felt much better. Then within the next couple of days the swelling was completely gone and now he can bend it all the way.

Enlarged heart back to normal- She was told recently by her doctor that her heart was enlarged and she was feeling alot of heavyness at times. So she came
for prayer and the heavyness feeling stopped, then she went to see another doctor on Jan 18 and he tested her for 4 hours saying that he found no problems at
all with her heart.

Baby in womb not suppose to live- Heard a testimony recently from a mission trip we went on in 2014  to Kenya where this woman was told that her baby still
in the womb was not going to make it due to a lot of health problems the mom was facing. She asked for prayer from one of the Pastors and when they came
back in 2015 she showed them the testimony of her beautiful child who wasn't suppose to live was born months later very healthy and is still very healthy today.

3 yr. Dream Fulfilled-12/6/2015 When the church started renting the current building they are in now the space was too large so they put up a dividing wall and
believed God to get the rest of the space. 3 years later that new space is now part of the church and is now being used to transform the kids and youth in the

Lady got a huge breakthrough in Tithing- 12/6/2015 was behind on a big bill and was worrying about it even though she knew she shouldn't have been. She
then got payed her paycheck that week which was the expected amount and decided she wasn't going to pay her tithe out of this paycheck but the next one.
Then on Saturday night she said that the Holy Spirit told her to give the tithe anyway. So on Sunday morning she gave her tithe. Then the following Tuesday
when she got to work the CEO of her company asked to speak with her about some money that the company had owed her since December 2014 and they wrote
her another check. The amount they gave her was almost exactly 10 times the amount that she had tithed and it paid the big bill that she had been worried about.
Praise God

Quad Tendinitis since 2011 disappeared- One of the members of the church came to a service with a leg brace on telling us she was having problems with
her knee again that is was very painful and swollen. We asked what had been going on with it when she told us that she was diagnosed with Quad Tendinitis in
2011. She also told us that she was probably going to need surgery and that she was scheduled to see the doctor tomorrow morning. So the church prayed for
her and the pain left almost immediately and the next morning she went in to see the doctor and there was no more pain or swelling. He told her that he no longer
saw any signs of Quad Tendinitis and that all she might need is a little physical therapy.

Leg Infection for over a month gone- A gentleman came forward asking for prayer. He had been having a lot of pain in his leg from a serious infection and
was on antibiotics. The color of his skin all around the infection was a Yellowish color and had been for about a month after prayer he came back telling us the
color returned back to normal and the infection was gone.

Knee injury found is now gone Doc sayes- 8/7/15 A good friend attends a missionary meeting up around Oakwood, Ga. She had been having alot of pain in
her knee. When she went to the doctor they examined it and had found a problem with a ligment. During the missionary meeting she was still having extreme pain
and the leaders of the meeting asked her to come up for prayer. After the prayer she said that she believed it was done. Around 1 week later she called saying
that all pain had left and that she had gone back to see the doctor who examined it again saying the problem we found the first time is now gone. Praise God

Lady has gun pointed at her- A woman who works at a store sees 2 men walk in one with a mask on. They immediately run to the back but the 2 guys found
them and made them come to the registrar to give them money holding them at gun point. After giving them the money one guy leaves the store and the woman
just knew she was about to be shot and killed. At that moment the gunman points his gun at her with the intention of pulling the trigger when all of sudden she
starts yelling out thank you Jesus, I worship you Jesus. After a few secs the gunman's hand started to shake and then he ran out of the store. Later the car and
one of the gunman was found by the police. The car had been in an accident.

Saved in a Car accident- It was a Sat. evening she was sitting at a red light. All of a sudden she felt like looking up and saw the guy behind her was still going
the speed limit. She said at the last sec he looked up and started to swerve and barely clipped the side of her car doing very little damage. She knew that an
angel had intervened because the way he swerved and how they had both looked up at the same time. She said that if he had hit her little car going the speed
limit which was like 45 or 50 mph it was have done alot of damage if not possibly killing someone.

Stomach pain leaves with prayer of youth- 7/2015 on a church mission trip In a healing meeting in Pachuca, Mexico the youth ages 15 yrs old laid hands on
a lady who had alot of pain in her stomach they commanded the pain to go and then one of the leaders asked the lady how she felt she said that the pain was
now gone only a couple of minutes later. Thank You Jesus

A leg that was shorter than the other- 7/2015 A young girl in mexico came to a church service being held by the Father's House team. she came to the alter
telling them that she had been having alot of pain in one of her legs. The team sat her down in a chair and checked both of her legs. They noticed that one leg
was about 1/2 inch shorter than the other. So as the team started praying they saw the leg start to move it moved so much that it went longer than the other foot
and then it started to go back to where it was now the same length as the other foot. The team which was mostly youth was shocked when they saw it go longer
and then go back. The lady then testified that the pain in the hip was now gone and she felt much different when she walked.

Woman gets papers- one of the families in the church had been waiting 10 years and thousands of dollars later to get papers for his wife. The long time has
now come to a end and she has now returned with all of her papers. Praise God

Epileptic attack stopped- 7/2015 Our team was in Mexico on a mission trip and they left a church late one night when about 10 mins later they received a call
saying that someone was having a seizure at the church and needed them to drive him to the hospital. The team returns to the church to find the man still in the
middle of a seizure. They started praying for him and commanding the attacks to never come back about 10 mins later the gentleman was up and walking around
and talking, responding to questions they asked him. Then they all decided to take him to his house instead of the hospital. The guy was seen for the next 2 days
with no problems.

A man who was paralyzed moves his legs- Fathers House lead a team into Mexico City, Mexico in July 2015. During one of the services a gentleman was
seen in a wheelchair. Our team went to him asking if they could pray for him. After talking to him they found out he had been shot earlier in life and he was
paralyzed from the arms down. After about 15 mins. He started moving his fingers and his legs. The team then starting commanding the feeling to return to his
legs and asked him to close his eyes and tell them when he felt them touch his knees. Almost every time they touched his knees he felt it and told them. Later the
mans wife came up and told us that he hasn't felt anything in his legs since the day he was shot,

50% chance down syndrome no more- A lady gave a testimony in church about how they prayed a couple of weeks earlier about a baby that had a 50% of
being down syndrome in the womb. A few weeks later they told us the baby was not down syndrome anymore but completely healthy.

Guatemala Trip- The church went on a mission trip to Guatemala for 7 days in June 2015. They did 4 medical clinics in 4 days and saw over 1,111 people in that
time. They partnered with other Doctors and Nurses from other areas. While the team was helping in the clinics they would pray over people that needed healing.
One gentleman came forward saying that his eyes were blurry and he could not see clear. After a short pray he opened his eyes and looked around telling the
team he could see much better. There was someone who had pain in the shoulders that told us later that the pain was completely gone and also one person that
approached the team asking for prayer they had numbness in the fingers. After when the team asked how there hands were feeling  they said that the numbness
was getting much better.

Man gets job after 2 years-A gentleman had been searching for a job for 2 years but didn't find anything. Came up and gave a testimony that he had a good
job now. The church is praying for good jobs in the city.

Gall Bladder Surgery stopped- a guy called one of the church members and asked for prayer for one of his friends who was about to have gall bladder
surgery. So they prayed asked God to heal him so he would not have to have surgery and he told the guy to trust in God his friend would be okay. About a week
later the gentleman called him saying his gall bladder started to work with no problems and the surgery was cancelled.

Gastritis is now gone after 6 months- a lady stood up Sunday and told the church a testimony about how she had been struggling with gastritis for about 6
months but after a previous Sunday service she had not felt any more pains or discomfort.

5 people accept Jesus at a Funeral- a lady at the church told us about how when her dad died they gave a salvation call at the funeral and at least 5 people
gave their lives to the Lord Jesus.

Youth encounters God and gets rewarded- one of the youth in the church has been doing alot of cleaning and straighting up when no one was around to
see. Then one day he was at the gas station and one of his leaders was talking about how good of a job he had been doing. When a gentleman handed him a
100 dollar bill telling him that what you do in secret God rewards in public. The youth was completely surprised.

Woman takes Diabetes pills for 10 years doesn't need them anymore- a woman who had been coming into the church every once in awhile at nights and
likes to talk to the cleaning crew. She had visited around 6 months before and told them that she was forced to take pills for her diabetes that made her feel
awful. She also explained them that she didn't want to take them anymore. So the cleaning crew prayed for her and said God can heal diabetes. The next time
she returned she gave them the awesome testimony that she had no longer needed the diabetes pills which she had been taking for 10 years and had stopped
taking them 6 months ago right after they had prayed for her.

Carpal Turnel 80 % better in her hand- A lady that comes on Wednesday Nights  was telling us about how her hand was feeling numb and that she had a form
of carpal turnel. After she had prayer for the hand 2 times she said she started noticing a difference in the way her hand was feeling. Then before she left that
night she told some of the church leaders that it was feeling around 80% better. Thank You Holy Spirit.

Knee pain for years is much better- a family member went to a healing meeting with Ian Andrews. He was training on how to hear the Holy Spirit's voice and
had a lady walking down a aisle of people and she was suppose to stop if she felt anything from God when all of a sudden Ian asked if anyone had pain in their
knees. The gentleman raised his hand and then Ian and the lady layed hands on his knees. Later that night the Gentleman told us he had been having pain for a
long time but it was now feeling much better.

Temporal Lobe Seizures stopped- 1/11/2015 A woman of the church came forward 3 weeks ago to give a testimony in the Sunday service. She stated that
she had been having temporal lobe seizures on her brain for years and also that her right shoulder was in pain and she was not able to sleep on it for a long
time. But now the 2 issues where completely gone and that she had slept on her shoulder last night with no problems.

Youth told in dream to walk after surgery- About 4 weeks ago one the girls in the church had to have surgery on her knee because she had torn 2
ligaments. After her surgery she was told not to walk or put any weight on her knee for 6 weeks and was in extreme pain. Then around the 3rd or 4 week she had
a dream where God told her to walk by faith. When she woke up she started walking with no pain and shortly after took off her leg brace. She is now walking like
nothing had ever happen. With only just 3 little scars.

Youth accepts Jesus from other Youth- 1/10/2015 we were having a youth night talking about giving your all to God called the Hunger Games. One of the
girls went up to another youth and asked how to be saved. Then accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior that very night. Amen

She was told she had asthma but gave away her inhalers- Around the New year a lady came in making a donation to the church of medicine for missions,
clothes and books. She told us that she was diagnosed with Asthma but instead decided to trust God and gave us all of her inhalers.

Lady with no feeling in hands feels cold water- an woman came in to the church one night saying that she had had no feeling in her hands for a long time
many years. After prayer by a young man in the church she went to the bathroom and came out amazed telling everyone that she could feel the cold water as
she was washing her hands.

Man Delivered from Meth- This gentlemen was asked to come on a Sunday by his father. When the Pastor's asked if anyone needed prayer him and his
girlfriend came forward. At the very moment the church started praying for them he said he asked God for one thing to be freed from the addiction of meth. He
was later visited and said they that day something changed with him. He no longer had used meth and had been free for over 30 days. Even months later he is
still free. Praise God.

Teen Girl gives Her Life to the Lord- 10/12/14 This Sunday we had a powerful worship service and Spirit of God moved mightily. During this time a young girl
was forever changed. She gave her heart to the Lord and was filled with Holy Spirit. Heart Connections a daughter found her Father. Amen.

Kids Praying Over Each Other and Pain Leaves- During Church service we asked the kids if the had any pain in their bodies. Several kids said yes so we
spoke to them on the Holy Spirit and how lives in them and how sickness and pain was not allowed. We asked them to stand and we prayed. We asked them to
do a healing exercise by testing the places that hurt. Some still had pain so then we had the kids pray over each other and some kids said they felt the pain leave
their bodies, and some said they felt big differences. Our Kids prayed with power and authority and sickness and pain had to go! Amen!

Far sighted but now reads close up- In the Medical Clinics held in Kenya back in Late August- September. We had around 3 people who said they needed
glasses and were only able to read if the book of words were held around 2 1/2 feet away. After prayer they then started to read with the paper held at the 2 1/2
feet distance. After a few minutes the paper was slowly moved up little by little until the book was around 6 inches from their face and they were still reading at the
same pace that they were when it was 2 1/2 feet. They had been healed by Almighty God

Pain from Infected Tooth left- While doing the Medical Missions in Kenya in September. We had a dentist working alongside of us who was pulling any teeth
that were not recoverable. This lady who was in her late 80's came to him for a tooth that had been hurting her very badly. When the dentist looked at it he said
because her tooth was very infected he was not able to pull it and sent her home. The very next day we held a outdoor meeting and she came to it. When the
Holy Spirit started healing people she came forward saying the pain in her tooth was completely gone as she was pushing on her gums trying to find where the
pain was.

Back Pain for Years Healed- In an African outdoor meeting. The Pastor Marcia was preaching and got a word of Knowledge from the Holy Spirit that their was
someone here that had much pain in the back. After she called no one came up. Then a general healing invitation was made for everyone. After a little
while this guy came up who said that he had been to many doctors because of pain in the back and now his pain was completely gone. Then he bent over a few
times in front of us telling he felt no more pain and that it had left.

I Once Was Blind but Now I See-The church went on a mission trip to Kenya in late August and we saw God do many miracles. One miracle that touched are
hearts on this trip is that of a young girl in a little up country church. While praying for people at the end of service we came across this young
girl and her mother. A word was given to the Mother to get ready because God was about to make a big change( at that time we were unaware that the daughter
was blind). A gentleman from the church came up to us and said this girl is blind. So we began to pray for her sight to be restored and a creative
miracle. Our prayers were answered and that little girl began to see. We held up different objects and moved them from place to place, and she would reach right
up and grab it. Then during the offering she walked up and put money in the offering bucket! Jesus is the same, yesterday, today , and forever.
He is healer. Amen.

Holy Spirit touched this family- 8/6/14 A woman who attends the church had her sister visiting from out of the country with her 2 children. They were getting
ready to leave and go back home on the Monday the following week. As they came up for prayer the mother shared with us that she had one foot a little longer
than the other and it was causing pain in her back. She would wear an extra sole in the shoe of the leg that was shorter and had problems bending down to touch
her toes or sitting down and getting up. As the people asked her to sit in a chair and stretch her legs out it seemed one leg was around 1/2inch shorter than the
other and they started praying for her. Asking the Holy Spirit to overflow in her and commanding the leg to grow out, the back and hips to straighten out. When
she stood up and started walking around she started to cry telling us how her legs felt different. Then she bent over and touched her toes and started sitting
down and getting up telling us the pain was completely gone. Then next her son came up and said he had pain in his feet. So we prayed for him asking the Holy
Spirit to touch him. Then next he stood up and started walking, shortly after he started to cry and ran to his mom hugging her tightly as he cried saying they felt
different and the pain also was gone from his feet. Finally the daughter came up saying she also had pain in her back. The team laid hands on her and she
tested it out saying she felt no more pain either that it was completely gone. This whole family had been touched by the Holy Spirit that night taking these
testimonies back home with them to share in their church.

Having a Miracle Baby- 7/30/14 A friend starting coming to church on Wednesday nights for the healing rooms and one night the Pastor came up to her and
said that he felt like God wanted him to tell her "that she was not to old" not knowing her situation. Just a little bit later she told us how she wanted a baby but
seemed unable to have one. That night another gentleman felt like God told him to tell her that she was going to have a baby. Although he wanted to say it. He
waited and next week she came on Wednesday night and he told her "Your going to have a baby" and he shared with her the story about Abraham and Sarah.
Now the lady later told us that when she was 27 years old she had a problem with one of her ovaries and that one had been removed. The doctor told her that
she needed to have a baby before she was 37 years old. Well 10 years later at age 37 she got married and tried for a baby but now she was 40 and no baby.
Well within a few months she came back to the church and told us with a smile that she was pregnant. About 8 months later which was about 3 weeks ago she
visited and everything was going great and the doctors had told her that the baby was already facing (head down) the right direction for birth.

Brace on wrist removed- A woman came to Sunday service with a brace on her wrist and said that her wrist had been hurting that morning. After the service
the Pastor's asked if anyone needed prayer and she came forward. After the prayer she was asked if she felt anymore pain in the wrist and she looked for a
second and then said no. Then they asked her to take the brace off and move it around. After she did she smiled saying she didn't feel anymore pain. We asked
this woman just a few weeks later how the wrist was doing and she said very good that she has not worn the brace or had any pain.

No more glasses- In the spiritual clinic (Honduras Mission Trip) A woman asked for prayer who have a hard time reading. She was expecting to pickup some
reading glasses from the eye glasses table during the medical clinic. But before she headed that way she asked for prayer for her eyes. When the team had
touched her eyes she was given a Christian tract to read to see how her eyes were doing. She could not read it at first unless the paper was very, very close. So
it was held close and she started reading the tract after a few minutes the team started slowly bringing down the tract and she kept reading. When they got to
around a 1 1/2 feet from her face she was still reading just as fast as she did when it was 5 inches from her face. Amen

Talking about the Holy Spirit healing- On the Honduras Mission Trip. One lady was being prayed for who was having a problem of throwing up almost
everything she ate. The team felt like she needed to be Baptised in the Holy Spirit. So they asked her if she wanted to be and she said yes. After they prayed with
her and commanded the sickness to stop. They moved on to the next person. The next person then told them that as she overheard them talking about the Holy
Spirit every bit of pain left her body and she was feeling great now.

Completely Deaf in one Ear no mas- On the Honduras Mission Trip to La Ceiba 7/19-7/26/14. They did a medical clinic as well as a spiritual clinic. In the
spiritual clinic they talked about how much Jesus loves them, ask them if they would like to receive Him as Lord and Savior then prayed or lay hands on anyone
who would like it for sickness, disease or pain or any kind. One woman wanted prayer for deafness. She said that she was completely deaf in her left ear and
mostly deaf in her right ear. They laid hands on her and then started whispering in her ear that had been completely deaf. Saying the name of Jesus. She started
repeating every time she heard it. As the person started moving further away from her ear and still whispering she started crying when she realized that he was
around 3 feet away. Then He went to the other ear and she heard clearly out of that ear as well. Praise God

Pain in side gone- The Youth went out to Pray for people at a local mall called a Treasure Hunt. They met this guy who had pain in his side. He said he had
been having this pain for around 1 year and when asked on a scale 1-10 10 being the worst what was his pain level was? He said around a 5.  So after they laid
hands on him he said the pain was gone and then he looked at the youth and said what did you do to me? Wow. 6/14/14
Hand Healed-
Clearvision an on Fire for God Christian Group was meeting up to practice for an upcoming tour to Florida. While they were just hanging out
talking near the end of the practice. They started laying hands on each other. One of the members had been having pain in his hand for quite some time. After
they finished praying for him he started laughing out loud telling everyone that his pain had left. 6/12/14

Family Gets Saved- During one of the Wednesday's Flowing with the Spirit Nights. A woman decided to call her family in another country and pray for them over
the phone and when she got done other people took the phone and started praying. This lasted for maybe 20 minutes. They prayed for peace and her father's
heart. What happen next really surprised her as from Wednesday to Sunday 4 of her family members accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 6/4/14

Walking with no Crutch- A gentleman that helps with the worship on Sundays had knee surgery last week. When he came on Sunday he testified that he only
used a crutch for 2 days and had very little pain.

Youth gets trip to Honduras paid for in 1 day- The youth have been raising money to go on their first trip to La Ceiba, Honduras. They have been doing fund
raisers and planning more  to get their plane tickets which cost around $700 round trip. The Trip is July 19th and is only a few months away. One of the boys has
been cutting grass and doing yard work to help raise his funds. On Tuesday May 6th the Youth Pastor received a text message saying that he had been given a
check for 1,200 dollars not just to cover his plane ticket but almost his whole trip.

Friend in Coma comes out- April 30th We were at church for the Wednesday night service "Flowing in the
Spirit"and as God was moving people were getting prayer. One of the Ladies came up to the leadership and said that her friend in Nicaragua had just had a car
wreck and that he was in a coma. Then she asked if she could call some friends down there and everyone pray for him over the phone. As she dialed the
calling card which only had a few minutes many gathered around the phone and when the line was opened they all started praying for him to come out of the
coma and be healed. After maybe 2 mins the phone hung up the calling card had run out. The following Sunday we heard the testimony that he was out of the
coma and recovering. His picture is on the left

Sprained ankle healed during worship- The Pastor's Wife twisted her ankle at the park while walking at a Youth Activity on 4/5. It was swollen and hurt all
night long. The next day Sunday morning she came to church with a brace on her ankle. During worship God asked her if she would dance before him. After she
started to dance the pain left and she took the brace off giving the testimony in service.

Youth gets answers to prayers- On March 1st one of our boys had asked God for a mountain bike to go riding with the youth on an upcoming biking event
and he had also asked for some jobs to earn some money. The next day the youth went to help a woman of the church rake her leaves and she gave him a very
nice mountain bike and a paying job for the next weekend. When he got to church on Sunday the next morning he was offered another job helping with

Saved in a Car Wreck- (2/26) One of the members of the Church was heading to the Healing Rooms when someone slammed into his truck at the drivers door.
Spinning him around and totaling the vehicle. A woman in the vehicle that hit them was 8 months pregnant and had a child in the backseat. No one was hurt not
even the babies. When insurance called them on the totaled truck they valued his truck much higher than he had originally paid for it.

Boy goes from F's in school to B's- EBWOM held a Big Youth Event in November at the church and a youth told a man he needed prayer for his grades in
school, he had been getting F's. When the next youth event was held on 2/21/14. The youth was asked how his grades were now and he said with a smile " I am
now making B's". Praise God

Neuropathy and Shoulder Pain Healed- A gentleman in the church came to the Healing Rooms on 12/18/13. He shared with us his testimony of how he was
healed of Neropathy and shoulder pain around 5 months ago. He was diagnosed with neuropathy. He had alot of pain in his feet which he took medicine for(a
couple of years). After being touched by God his pain left and he threw away his medicine. He said it tried to come back once or twice but he told us he would not
accept it. Now he has no pain in his feet nor does he take the medicine. He said that he was also struggling with shoulder pain and could not raise his arm but
now he has no pain and does exercises. Wow Praise God

Cataract gets clearer- at the Healing Rooms Wednesday night 12/11/13. A gentleman was having alot of cloudiness in his left eye. He had already had cataract
surgery in his right eye in the years previous. He said he could not see good out of it. After Jesus touched him. He noticed at difference when reading in the bible
and also a bigger difference when looking at a clock on the wall that was around 25 feet away. He could make out the second hand moving. Praise God. On the
following Sunday he said he could still notice a big difference. Phil 1:6

Pain leaves Shoulder: 12/11/13 also at the Healing Rooms a guy that came that night had pain in his right shoulder. He said the pain level had been around a
(1-10 10 being bad) 7 but after the prayer it was gone.

India Miracles: Some of the Church members went on a trip to India in Nov. Many people experienced a healing from God from laying on of hands. A lady who
had much pain in the back of her neck said it left. A gentleman was having much pain in his ankle and after he was touched started putting weight on it with a big
smile telling them no more pain. A certain woman came to visit the members at the house they were staying at and told them just in the last 20 days she had
noticed a lump growing in her back at her spine and it was causing pain to shoot down her right leg. When the team prayed for her God removed the lump and
the pain completely left. WOW

No more heart surgery for you- on 10/16/13 a friend called on Wednesday night during the healing rooms saying that her mother was going to need possible
heart surgery. She was having alot of pressure on the chest the same symptoms that she had in 2005 when she needed bypass surgery from a blockage of 98%.
We prayed for the power of the Holy Spirit to be released in her and for her to go and lay hands on her mother. The next day she was taken to the doctor and
she sent a text saying " Mom's heart is fine. Actually, it's a miracle. Only Jehovah could have done this! The bypass they did in 2005 is completely blocked off and
dead. However, the left main which was 98% blocked and the reasons she had the bypass in '05 is now completely open again and fully functional! The doctor
said something like this is so rare that he has never seen it happen before himself. He's only read about it".

Pain in elbow healed- On the last trip to Kenya 8/29-9/13 we prayed for a man who had spent 25,000 shillings (hundreds of dollars) on doctors to help him
relieve the pain he was having in the elbow but with no success. After prayer he said the pain had completely gone as he moved his arm up and down and that
he was also healed from pain in his knee.

A little girl healed of deformity from birth-  in Kenya during our 4 days of medical clinic. This little girl is brought to the team. She was born with her female
organ deformed. She was unable to urinate properly and was going to have surgery in the near future. We prayed for it to reform and no surgery would be
needed. Lead by the Holy Spirit we told her to take the child to a doctor. A few hours later the mother returns telling us that her daughter was completely healed
and no surgery was needed. The very next day another little girl comes in with the same problem so we prayed for her and tell her to go see a doctor to confirm.
She comes back telling us that the problem did not get better but worse the little girl was now bleeding in that area. So we prayed again 3 people in agreement.
She then again had it checked to discover that her daughter had also been healed.

Blind eye opened- during the Kenya trip. This gentleman came through the medical clinic who had 1 blind eye. He said that he lost his sight in the eye while he
was driving his motorcycle and something from the road flew up and hit his eye causing blindness. He could only see light when we covered the good eye, not
objects or figures just light. We touched his eye and prayed commanding sight to return to it. Then we covered up his good eye and asked him to read a
Christian tract we had given him. He started slowly reading the track again for the first time with a eye that was considered blind. Praise God

Make Strong the Feeble Knees- Another man at Fry's was touched by Jesus. As he was kneeling down the pain was seen on his face. When asked he said
that something had gone into his knee the day before when he had knelt down (kneeling down on it) causing it to bleed and was very sore. He was asked if they
could pray for him. After prayer he was asked to check the pain in his knee. The pain had decreased almost completely and as he put his weight down on that
knee his face shown with a shock. "What just happened how did you do that" the man exclaimed. Jesus touched him Amen.

Knee pain and depression gone- A guy was prayed for at Fry's Electronics who had injured his knee and had been feeling pain in it for a while. He also said
that he was feeling very weak, old and depressed. After praying 2 times (Jesus prayed twice for the blind man) he was asked to try out his knee by jumping and
bending it applying presser. He relayed that the pain had decrease a whole lot and he was feeling some heat and numbness. Later that night the depression,
weak feeling and knee pain had left him completely . He gave a testimony on 8/5/13 that he has not had anymore pain in his knee nor felt depressed since that

Back healed- A leader in the church had been suffering from constant back pain for 15 years in which he needed to take medication almost every night to sleep.
He would also go to a chiropractor. After a prayer on the Wednesday night service (6/24/13) he said his back pain was gone and that it felt great. He gave a
testimony at the church Sunday on 8/4/13 and said he has had no more pain since that night. Thank You Holy Spirit.

Recibo Sanidad- New Beginnings Ministries went on a mission trip to La Ceiba, Honduras on 7/13-7/22/13 with Pastor Hugh Skelton to help with a medical clinic.
While Pastor Hugh and his team were ministering to the people in the spiritual clinic praying for them, passing
out bibles and asking them if they want to receive Jesus. 54 people that were prayed for said that they had received a healing from Jesus even before going in to
see the doctors in the clinic. This gentleman came up for prayer in one of the church services and told us he had
a hernia. These 2 ladies started praying for him and after the service he came up to us and said that the hernia was completely gone Haha Wow.

How Beautiful are the Feet that share the Gospel (Romans 10:15)- A lady came into the church on 6/26/13 having much pain in her foot arch caused by
tumors was told that surgery had a very low chance of success (less than 10 %) and it caused her much pain to stand on it. As Jesus ministered to her that night.
She started walking and we heard her testimony 4 days later that she had no pain in her foot. She could stand on it for longer than 30 min and also she had been
having trouble sleeping and that night when she arrived home she slept great all night. She also stated that she had some vision problems that were now gone.

Great Grace- On Wednesday Night 6/19/13 the church had a young girl (7 yrs. Old) named Grace. She has had multiple ear infections and alot of pain all in the
same year. We laid hands on her and then asked her if she felt any different. She said the pain had gone down some but not all. Then by the end of the service
she said she had no more pain in her left ear that it was all gone. Her grandma also had pain in her leg and came in walking with a crutch. After prayer she said
the pain in her leg was completely gone and she was not using the crutch. Praise God

Non responsive Coma- On Monday 4/22/13 one the bethel students working with Levi Hug gave a Word of Knowledge concerning someone who had a head
injury from a car accident and that Jesus wanted to heal them. So Mrs. Tracey stood in for a lady she knew named Chelsea. She has been in a non responsive
coma for at least a month. Today she had her eyes open and the PA asked her to give her a thumbs up if she could see and hear and she did giving a thumbs
up confirmation.

Ear opened- on Monday 4/22/2013 A lady in the School of the Supernatural Class was healed. Levi Hug and 3 Bethel Interns working with Steve Backlund came
to the class and was leading some healing that Jesus wanted to do. He asked the people not to pray for those in pain but to start off by laughing while laying
hands on them. This lady was almost completely deaf in her left ear. After a few minutes of laughter the lady started laughing also and a guy started whispering
the name of Jesus. She heard him and said that he was to loud. When she went up to give her testimony Levi started whispering near her ear and she repeated
everything he said. Praise God.

Sprained Finger- One of our kids in the church had sprained his finger playing. He said he had pain for sometime. While he was at a youth night on Saturdays
he asked to be prayed for. The youth laid hands on his injury and commanded the pain to get out in Jesus Name. He almost immediately told us his pain was

Worship Restored- One of Father's house worship leaders had a roaring in her ears. She went to see a doctor. Who told her it was a sinus infection. She went
to get prayer and the Pastor laid hands on her and she was healed instantly. Then the next week she had a kidney infection. Which prevented her for the second
Sunday in a row not to be able to lead worship. But God had told someone to buy her husband a new bass guitar and they played together him on the bass and
her on the keyboard Saturday night at their house just worshipping God. Then she realized that God had taken away her infection as she was in his presence
completely restoring her. Amen

Tongues of Fire- It was a Sunday morning and the Pastor was teaching/preaching
on the book of Acts ch. 1 and 2. After the service some of the kids were taking
pictures with Enrique Jr. who was getting ready to move and they wanted to say
goodbye. Later on one of the kids church leaders was going through her pictures
that were taken that day and found this-